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Welcome to the Verbeek & Bol v.o.f. Website

- One of the oldest existing companies in the field of flowers and plant export in the Netherlands, established in 1928.
- Worldwide import and export activities.
- Florimark Certified.
- High quality product and services. Continuous quality control.
- Very extensive assortment, highest quality, freshness of product and excellent value for money.
- Our team of experienced buyers purchases products at all major Dutch flower auctions or directly as per contract from growers. Furthermore, we import from South America, Africa and Southern Europe.
- Realistic and transparent estimation.
- Optimal logistic facilities.

We will only be too pleased to inform you personally. Please, do get in touch with one of the members of our sales team.


Established in 1928 in Aalsmeer

Verbeek & Bol was established in 1928 in Aalsmeer and is therefore one of the longest existing companies in our country in the field of flowers and oplant exporting. We started ath te first ever flowers auction in the Netherlands.

After a merger of the Aalsmeer auctions in 1972, the flower auction VBA founded and this is where we are still located today.

Since 2002 our location is VBA South where we have our own buildings whith 10 dock shelters. Over the years, V&B has grown steadily. This did not happend by accident but is the result of a good concept aqnd close cooperation with our costumers.

By marketing a qualitatively good product at the best possible price, V&B has made a name for itself in various countries.


Costumers of Verbeek & Bol

A Verbeek & Bol customer is more than just a customer. V&B will always try to achieve the win-win situation for both parties, presuming that we can both each others position.

Our customers are varied: wholesalers, shops, garden centres and chain stores.

Daily, a professional sales team keeps in close contact with the customers in order to keep abreast of the demand within the market and to be able to meet this demand. the digital highway enables customers to be constantly informed about the market situation, supply and prices.

V&B is active in every flower auction in the Netherlands. Buying at auction entails having to be very alert when it comes to the right price/quality ratio. V&B employs a team of buyers, who all have many years of experience in this field.

More over, V&B is no stranger to long-term trade. We cooperate closely with selected growers, who grow their products especially for V&B. This may be the case for a certain period of time but also happens for a period of a year or more and allows us to provide long-term guarantees with regard to quality, quantity and price. Apart from buying in the Netherlands, we also purchase products from other countries, such as Ecuador, Colombia, Africa and Southern Europe. Utilizing all opportunities V&B is able to deliver an extremely complete assortment.

Quality control is a very important item on our agenda. V&B is a Florimark certified company, greatly concerned with quality of both product and service. The team on the shop floor packages the flowers expertly and in accordance with the demands of customers. Next, these are transported in cooled lorries or using airfreight to our customers all over the world. Our buildings can optimally accommodate all necessary conditions. By working with an extremely motivated and experienced team in combination with the right logistic facilities, we are able to be our customers of service to their full satisfaction. This is the basis of our success: our success as well as the costumers success.

Interested? Please, do get in touch with one of the members of our sales team and possibly we can also create a mutual win-win situation with you.

Well be glad to be of service.



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